KIT MEETS HIS MOM?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Skye (Eternal Knight) has rescued Kit from the bounty hunters and taken him to Ultima Knight’s castle. Though unfortunately this was not done out of the kindness of her heart, but rather to get Kit away from Jules. Meanwhile, Jules and Meowscles continue their search for Kit, with Meowscles choosing to part ways with Midas’ daughter, believing he’ll have better luck on his own. Jules however has a mysterious “friend” guiding her straight to Kit. Back at the castle, Skye further indoctrinates Kit by giving him a very special gift - a meeting with his mother…
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Its FlamFlam

      Hey im from German and I like the Part with „Guten Morgen Kit” And „Guten Morgen” is Good Morning

    2. Fornite Mobile

      Me to

    3. cool-gamer Hulk

      Meow schools in Kay are the best

    4. Maya Pocklington

      How come skye never meant here parent but she said she had a dad

    5. Sorry out of Ducks

      How does she not know kit didn’t she like give birth to him??

    6. master CZ


    7. MOTY



      The picture of the video kit meets skye

    9. Marvelous Fire

      Man i love it when he meowscles said in the beginning (are ya winning son?)

    10. Amanda


    11. coffee mug Litten

      These skits are kind of bad

    12. Ian Gaming Corner

      Real: guy: are ya wining son? Son: Bad rip-off on this: are ya wining son? Kit: gEt OuT iM tRyInG tO wAtCh NeWsCaPePrO

    13. John Henderson

      Don’t cry, don’t cry.

    14. Tony Simister


    15. CartoonCat

      A R E Y O U W I N N I N G S O N

    16. master CZ

      Skye: no,no. I'm not your mom. Kit: and who is?

    17. master CZ

      [Skye is not Kit's mom]

    18. Ryan Playz


    19. BcMLp E

      no. stop. dislike.

    20. Stephanie Mendez Rivera

      that aint kits mom his mom is lynx

    21. Ivanna Cirilo Bonilla

      Skye es la madre de kit y jules es su madre adoctiva creo 😕

    22. Zun Pwint

      I like your video every season i like it

    23. Zun Pwint

      Kit is so cute

    24. lisa ramos

      tate is so sad

    25. Desmond Giles

      i thought it was lnyx

    26. Mekwan the Deadly Cipher

      Heh Kit and Meowscles

    27. Jacobi Kidd

      Rocks is simping over sky

    28. Seb Gaming

      I feel bad for kits sister happy oof

    29. Riptide

      Lynx has left the chat

      1. Riptide

        Matyáš Poulik what do you mean

      2. master CZ

        You are pro and newscapepro is big noob .

    30. Bluegoose3460

      Meowscels: are ya winning son. Me:WOOO MEME REFRENCE

    31. Isaac Martinez

      Good meme reference

    32. Gaming Warrior

      I love how everyone either has a deep voice a British voice or a french voice or and english voice

    33. Jose-Annabel Radillo-Ortega

      “Are ya winnin son?”😂

    34. CatchyCheese937

      It looks like that lynx tattoo is useless and he looks like a grown cat and skye looks like 16 which means that cat is a peo

    35. Russell Wallbank


    36. Addison Green - BES 2029

      Are you winning son? GeT oUt Of My RoOm I’m PlAyInG mInEcRaFt

    37. Reeaeeaeeaeaeaeaeeaeaae AeEaeeaeeaeeaeaeaeaea

      I’m glad this isn’t fortnites actual story or I

    38. Israel lopez

      This is too sad to watch

    39. master CZ

      Skye is not Kit's real mom

      1. master CZ

        Kit's real mom is Lynx.

    40. Maryam John

      “Are you winning son”

    41. Stampyman2010 yt

      Its the great meme are ya winning son 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. امل نبهان عبود حمودي يويو

      No No no you Plae oey me some 1

    43. RPG_SSGSS_SKILLZ Gaming

      :me lol :Girl nooooo :Me oh geez

    44. Carkly Carkly

      Meowsouls& Jules: expecting someone no Jules 2020 Kit: Poor More like Pa and I’m sorry for roasting you kit😸🎂

      1. Carkly Carkly

        Kit deserves a cake 🍰

    45. Novrick Simpson

      Get out dad im watching newscapepro 🤣😂

    46. Novrick Simpson

      Nobody: Meowscles: are you winning son

    47. Felomena TwT

      When Skye screams I laugh a lot

    48. VaderSkater 1313

      Are you winning son

    49. Ashwsq Ali


    50. ctittle8

      can i get my hands on Midas please

    51. Smiley 9019

      I thought Catastrophe went to get milk

    52. NR Sniper

      That was a sad, happy, and awesome story 😢

    53. mandie rdz

      Pls put bendy and the ink machine back

    54. Knighty Scruff

      Hello 👋 I want to play some games for me haha 😂 day one ☝️ I will love 💕 your beautiful and gorgeous woman 👩 I will have you in the future of the year you will get the chance and will have it if you’re in love 😻 is that I have been a part for the last time of this season so far this season I have a great 👍 was that you will get it for a while so I’m just wondering how to make you play with you I know I love 💕 it all the way I know I want it but it’s just not my life I’m not a lot I can tell that you want it but I’m just so so sorry 😐 I don’t have any friends I can play it if I’m just like I just got it right I want it I want to play some things I’m going through it all right I’m so happy 😁 I have you want to play some games you have fun I’m now I’m not a fan you don’t

      1. Knighty Scruff

        Hello 👋 I want to play some of things I rcan rut ruueeiu yo is a good game to be play with you play ruyour right e eyrie

    55. Bennie Starks

      Kits mom is lynxs

    56. Jesse Hauraki

      Lynx is the mum of kit


      i subscribed and like kit and Meowcles

    58. Sarah Forbes

      Why is skye not kits mom newscapepro please make a episode

    59. Sting The stinger

      I’m pretty sure that kits mom is lynx because she is another girl

    60. Lester Tamayo

      Meowcels: are ya winnin son Kit: pa get out im watchin newscapepro Meowcels: ok are ya subribed son Kit: of course im pa what do you want to watch to? Meowcels: boy do i ever! Kit: alright buckle up this one is gonna be doozy

    61. fauowls23

      His mom is lynks look at mouwsouls arm

    62. Live, Laugh, Love

      Cat is

    63. Abdi diaz

      what if the shark was back that we be like suprised and i will suspried too

    64. Abdi diaz

      in fortnite there gonna be avengers

    65. venomoussnakes

      0:12 now i don't like kit

    66. Chris Segovia

      His real mom is lynx

    67. Vaughn Autry

      Are you wining son the good memes

    68. Vaughn Autry

      I still think lynx is kits mom

    69. Midas Fortnite

      This was nice

    70. Carolyn Pulley


    71. Inkblup Dubs

      Are ya winning son?? Son.... ARE YA WATCHING NEW SCAPE PRO??

    72. Hypertrax

      0:09 I laughed So hard lol

    73. Adrián Vadovič

      Why skye why not Lynx dude

    74. مجهول X

      اول عربي📿🇸🇦⚔️

    75. Am I Lazy

      Are ya winning son

    76. Caleb Frank

      Kit does not have a mom, he is adopted, and a fictional character

    77. Hamad Gamer465


    78. Lagst _

      Meowscles:Are ya winning son? Kit: *Well yes,but actually no.*

    79. Lagst _

      Are ya winning kit? *meow* **sudden silence**

    80. Galaxy Girl

      Kits mom is lynx!

    81. Mohammèd Games

      Can you be friends ✌🏻💕

    82. Jumana Almoneef


    83. Rift Boy

      Blue squire is my favourite skin!!

    84. Kevin Hurst

      You could afford it alone longer

    85. Jpsmel

      kits birthday is the day when cat left meowscles

    86. Natasha Lange

      I love kit to he's my favorite skin

    87. Lalo._.2

      I love this

    88. Kaleb D

      Kit:this is awkward are you my mom

    89. Santino Adames

      She is in a better place man R.I.P

    90. Kervin Lovinsky


    91. Claire Dixon

      Wait me too

    92. 5er gamer

      Sie habe speak german

    93. Phoenix Beatz

      Meowscles be like: ArE yOu WiNiNg SoN???

    94. Five nights at doggos

      His mom should have been ghost meow

    95. Nicola


    96. SkyKev2047

      Now after puberty class ik why she said gross..

    97. roy garza

      I sub scribe to scape pro

    98. T-Boneless

      Are ya winning son? 😂

    99. not_jayden539

      You were like lazerbeam he said are you winning son

    100. Aqsa Sheikh

      Can someone please tell me the name of the episodes in the previously on?