SKYE & MEOWSCLES REUNITED! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    After Skye’s sacrifice and Meowscles’ rebirth, Meowscles is left feeling destitute. That is, until he is met with Oro, who offers him a chance to turn everything back to normal. He jumps at the opportunity. Meanwhile, Midas’ doomsday plan grows closer to fruition, which may spell the end for our heroes…
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Jahmeir13 Moore Playz

      Why did sky have to diey

    2. Yuriy Pyrikh


    3. Yuriy Pyrikh

      Waaaa sooo sad I’m not kidding

    4. Drizzy Dil

      8:00 -8:42 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 so sad waaaaaaaaa😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    5. Alexander Nelson


    6. Mike Valough

      Does Skye love Meowscles

    7. Zachary Esmel

      A big Boy 2:42

    8. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Skye

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey M

    10. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Agent Rox

    11. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Agent Meowsicles

    12. Aubreyyella Ashleyyella

      Rox & skye = gayness

    13. Xavier McCloud

      Is skye love rox

    14. Joshua van der Poel

      Hi Xbox G Yes Normal Skye Girlfriend Of My Have A Boyfriend Now And Meowscles Have Cat and Yes Rox Have Ghost Skye

    15. Avatar Thanos The Titan

      Im really wishing that epic games added a hugging emote to fortnite so that way this would be more beautiful

    16. Michelle Pincus

      I cried 😭 the whole video

    17. vɆnomaster

      *why did i cry during this*

    18. Bongo Cat

      I,m not crying your criyng😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    19. mirichandise15

      that dosent matter right meow UwU

    20. 大川憲吾


    21. Chewbacca Bricks

      Brutus seemed like a happy man. R.I.P Brutus

    22. FnxLake897 Gamer Cat

      “Ah your brave” Meowscle: *Pulls out a gun*

    23. Evvybobevvy Olson

      Whats that a gun

    24. Mecha Team Leader

      Why Brutus! 🥺😭

    25. Tiko's Son

      I turn my brothers phone on to see this

    26. Summer Drift

      *Talking about the stuff with Oro* Midas: *Overhears* hm...interesting..

    27. cat

      Omg I love seening family so back brother and sister reintited

    28. Christiano Barber

      besides skye and meowscles already made out

    29. Christiano Barber

      made them forget that thier married

    30. Christiano Barber

      un till the got friend zone warped

    31. Christiano Barber

      bro skye is married to meowscles

    32. Christiano Barber

      why does Skye like Rox

    33. Tyler Tyler


    34. Fiona Stevenson

      Why are rocks and sky together again it is wird

    35. Jose Sanchez


    36. Love Cat

      That’s what happen to me and somehow alive??😭😭😃😃

    37. Dean Roberts

      y not bring back brutus

    38. ᇗ


    39. james holmes

      Poor sky

    40. •Cameryn Campbell•


    41. FishynotacatcatFan Fishynotacatcatis underrated

      Pause the video at 8:27

      1. FishynotacatcatFan Fishynotacatcatis underrated

        Btw that’s Rox pov

    42. EpicFunTime !

      Skye: Comes back to life Meowscles: Comes back to life Brutus: Hey, what about me?

    43. Bartek Igielski

      I cried when brutes died

    44. Daniel Burgess

      Oro sounds like oreo

    45. Orion Hardy

      3:20 7:36 8:11

    46. asmaa nazer

      i still dont get it?? this was in the past and now you are showing what happened

    47. Gaming coco puffs N

      Check out 8:22

    48. Mehrbod 666

      R.i.p every one Midas killed *Coffin dance plays*

    49. Akhmad Ali

      Poor comrade brutus my best comrade

    50. Grant Dolbec

      This video is so beautiful 😍 and ❤️ love

    51. Tiko1000boom

      I am subscribed to all the newscapro channels

    52. MysteryWonder

      Omg I live this 😥😭 the moment when Skye and Meowscles got together agian 😭😭😭

    53. Casey Grann

      Fusion you piece of&#$&$$#@@$&&*&$$##++#$&$#$&$#@#$$

    54. Franky Rivers

      Y does sky get to come back to life but brut cant

    55. Honesty Addison

      I was crying a river when skye died

    56. Rnex


    57. Gaby DaBoi

      0:25 is a star wars reference

    58. George Fritz

      Top 10 fastest thing on earth Number 8: me clicking this video

    59. itzT1icy

      My godmothers kitten got killed today and I miss her



    61. Nicole cousins

      Sky is jack ass

    62. Zoe Bananas

      I love when Brutus father said my bald big boy it was so funny 🤣

    63. Melissa Steele

      What the freak that's brudis right there

    64. Tim Macintyre

      wait- what happened to skye?

    65. April Walowitz

      Why is brutis at the ceremony when the video is about skye?

    66. hebaimad Hammad


    67. memelord pogger

      Wtf why does Skye come back and not brutus

    68. Number1cutiger

      Why is Brutus’ funeral so dang sad

    69. Heba Ramy

      I'm sad

    70. Captain ReX

      1:43 the heavy is dead

    71. Manuel Traquinas

      rip brutus

    72. saeed azam

      But Brutus is dead

    73. saeed azam

      Oh yes Skye is alive

    74. saeed azam

      Wait what Brutus and Skye are dead

    75. BDAWWG07

      Wait... Skye’s like 16.........

    76. Bler Glitch

      I amost crude ❤️😭

    77. Apotron746

      And then she fell in love with fricking Rox 😒😒😒

    78. John Geoghegan

      I feel so sad for big boy brutes,cause he didn’t get revived :(

    79. Meowscles The Best

      Hay um is muscles Sky's sister our girl fiend so confused

      1. Meowscles The Best

        @Zagi Productions OK thanks

      2. Zagi Productions

        He said sis as a nickname

    80. *Moxie Time*

      Who remembers "he brutus I Brutus my wife Brutus we all Brutus"?

    81. クリイムkitsune

      meowscles:WE GOT TO TALK skye:yea both of them:TALKS IN THE OPEN

    82. Liam Tendrup

      Sky has a coffin... but she disappeared. Not killed

      1. Zagi Productions

        That doesn’t matter right meow

      2. Liam Tendrup

        We’re is her body

    83. Katherine Moor

      Wow I don't know what to say .😍

    84. De Boi


    85. FlashYYT_KM

      What do you have there? “A GUN”

    86. Fun TvE BaSel

      Oh wait now she is alive W0w

    87. Fun TvE BaSel

      Wait skye DIED :,’( nooooo

    88. Winter Zombies

      Rox is soooooooooo goooood as a frined

    89. Iris Herrera

      Is rox and sky dating cause they are kissing each other

    90. Dee Block

      I love how there just like this is fine after skye was brought back to life lol

    91. Ahmed Abdillahi

      Why did skye die

    92. My beanie boo show


    93. Cat Fall

      ? the brutus part is kinda romanteck

    94. ITsZHere

      Newscapepro 4 *plays murder mystery* murder kills someone *person respawns* Newscapepro 1 ,3 *someone dies* *Funeral time*

    95. Gaming With ray

      I anyone going to point out that meow likes Skye but skye is dating rox

    96. Maggie M

      😱 so happy 😭

    97. another one saitama

      Just seeing brutus's parents talking about him give meh the chills

    98. Dusk Lycanroc

      Skye meowscles and guff are my favorite skins in fortnite

    99. EnderPlayz17

      I thought this was new and I got excited