A NEW HENCHMAN IS BORN... (A Fortnite Film)

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    Renegade Shadow has struck a mighty blow against the Agency. In the aftermath of his attack, Midas realizes that he needs to whip his Henchmen into shape. To that end, he enlists EGO Commander Turk’s help. Turk tries to rise to the nearly impossible challenge, but in the end, he trains the Henchman in an unorthodox way...
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Sebastian Rubio


    2. Theo Carr

      When Skye starts singing: "Wait is this a Disney movie?"

    3. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Agent 8 ball

    4. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Agent Sky

    5. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    6. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    8. Leah Stidham

      They say the henchmen need to be better. Henchmen hey i have a good idea let's switch to a controller

    9. Kili's hacker acc

      Anyone else see he roloaded here 18:22

    10. Brandy Clark




    12. 250riding

      I'm 5 months late watching this and it's so weird seeing the agency


      Me watching in season 4 and this is why the two henchmen are left alone

    14. ikonik bra

      Are the henchmen the henchmen in season 4

    15. Mikey Houser

      40:41 thank you

    16. Jack Ingjam

      Noo its good

    17. TylerHawkeye

      We love bandages O.O

    18. Kaitlin Zink

      I love you

    19. Mc. Flappingbird

      I like how epic liked the idea of the ghost and shadow henchman so they added it

    20. Tonya Fogal

      newscapepro got any questions i know all about the season

    21. Tonya Fogal

      ive watched your videos since you made your youtube channel and ive always love your videos

    22. BojidarGamerBg


    23. SamNeon Productions

      I never notice you all are holding bandages

    24. Kane Gideon

      This video just told me I there was a shadow and ghost Henchman at lazy lake

    25. Metro North Railfan Productions

      Gary and the Ghost Henchman predicted the future, they met up and now live together in Sweaty sands.

    26. Devin Booker


    27. Yas Balenciagas

      9:24 it’s like that one Star Wars skit on SNL with Adam driver!

    28. Jaxx

      i-i miss midas!

    29. shitsnifferz inc.

      what happened to raptor and drift?

    30. Puppet and Friends

      Everyone : did anyone else see the storm? Me: can I get a full version of Midas's song 7:50 is beatiful

    31. Esmeralda Furxhiu

      Minus scared

    32. Kirishimas.soulmate

      I thought this was gonna be short might as well get my popcorn🍿

    33. Leah Schlack


    34. Officieel Pro

      Vak Joe tek

    35. Fabio Gawlitta

      The ghost henchman sounds like Kermit the frog

    36. Ashley Hutt

      I love you new Skate Pro even you miles

    37. i am a human

      Eroooooot G

    38. i am a human

      eroor D D Dd

    39. i am a human

      Error E

    40. i am a human

      Error T

    41. i am a human

      H E L L O

    42. i am a human

      Potbor means robtop backwards

    43. i am a human


    44. The Pink Impasta

      This is the best one ever!

    45. chase lipman

      Heres were I am 12:17

    46. Smol Deku

      *Did he just have that thing in his pocket or something?*

    47. Lukas David

      There a

    48. Matt Grau

      Biggs... Wedge.... Hmm seems familiar

    49. Brooklynn Gillam-Wright

      You make me laugh every time Midas laughs and talks and sings

    50. Alan Roopnarine

      I love the midas vids do more

    51. Tessa Bublick

      Is no one gonna talk about how good skye’s voice actors singing voice is?

    52. Jeremy Myrick

      Magic missle !!!! Lol

    53. rio games


    54. Rubaduck Crimes


    55. Your Average R6 Youtuber

      Skipping wow I’m just wow for three weeks just wowed for three weeks wow I’m wowed please just stop wow pirates there just really poor get a job I’m there dad what a surprise

    56. Your Average R6 Youtuber

      Henchmen be killing men those brothers are cheap butt

    57. NicksFluff

      34:55 his voice sounds like yoda with a helmet

    58. tylor Achleman


    59. EVI Greenwald8

      M is not that cool

    60. ASSASIN

      This was best story in my life 😃

    61. Sick Fortnite Beast SFB


    62. Ad

      What are you aiming at

    63. Jacqueline Soto

      Great video

    64. Undertale Gamer


    65. coneja721

      Ya girl 👧 Sky is a girl

    66. JakaCrackTa

      The storm came in when the two Hinchman fight echover

    67. DqrkPlus


    68. Getskar 0707

      I’ll be skyward. Meanwhile my phone: rated t for teen

    69. Skyler Boren

      I like wedge if he can get stuck candy bars out of the vending machine he is the best

    70. Frame the Game

      Did y’all see that sky went from ghost to regular

    71. dax the master

      Kermit is the voice of the ghost henchmen

    72. Val Starling

      Good song

    73. CosmicSonicFan

      Skye inner form: MAGIC MISULE!!!

    74. Shadow Skye

      6:23 “the life is hard and often short” me:XD

    75. carlos mass

      Or he will bite you good and send you to (cant understand) skyes best line XD

    76. King_bagel

      2:30 is this a final fantasy 7 like reference cause the henchmens names are biggs and wedge and sound similar to the characters in final fantasy 7

    77. PriStrine

      Me in season 3: I guess the henchman training went well. Maybe a bit too well

    78. Leya&Family

      The part when Midas stared singing was good. But when sky started singing Midas : stop stop I was better on tune

    79. Michael Casale

      Gold henchman are in item shop long time a go

    80. Michael Casale

      Midas is evil and Jules is Midas daughter

    81. Renezmea Cordero

      Can I have some popcorn

    82. rafitaboy the story Master

      8 ball: yes ma.am

    83. Raphael Murch


    84. / Aer0Demon \

      How did u get a henchman skin though

    85. אושרי מחפוד


    86. Assasin Wuu

      22:50 Execute order 66

    87. Naila Khan

      I hate Deadpool

    88. Naila Khan

      I love Midas voice

    89. Laura Blanchard


    90. DREADHead_ VOHN

      🕉 was the day I was going

    91. Majekodunmi Mojetoluwa Mojetoluwa

      The video was wowe.

    92. VolcanoJumperXD CyberSpace

      18:22 .....And I thought Storm Troopers had bad aim. Ugh, what a waste of amo.

    93. HuntDabb Rock

      Do you know about rogue agent from the season three in the Vbox section I bought him but it kind of gives it away that the spy games were coming out if you think about it rogation and elite agent no no no no no no never mind but they were both actually spies they were actually agents and it gave away the agency which would actually happen to be something weird you kind of gave it away and the skins actually give away like older skins like season three skins maybe it might be because of those Skins

    94. GageTheFox YT

      Agent 24 kinda sounds like Kermit

    95. Steve Richardson

      garry sounds like deadpool! lol

    96. Nashawn Wimberly

      Brutas is Russian

    97. Kristi Thomas-McCaig

      Magic miser lol

    98. Enchanted Crusader

      I love all the Starwars References.

    99. mia ROBLOX

      Can you show me secret in fortnite

    100. Li Victoria

      it isn't as long as the midases doomsday plan