A DAY IN THE LIFE OF GALACTUS! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Galactus is coming. Unfortunately, his herald, Thor, has been taken over by the Chaos Agent, and cannot aid in the coming battle against him. Meanwhile, the threat of Shadow Midas still remains. The heroes of Stark Industries need to unite all their allies if they are to stand a chance against these numerous foes… yes, even Deadpool.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. A. gaming

      Wtf is this

    2. Quantum_ Particle

      Galactus: Let it be known Galactus is coming no matter who stands in my way Coronavirus: Nope

    3. Jose Is Chilling

      The live event was EPIC!

    4. Jenny Queen

      What is this video

    5. PeePee PooPoo


    6. Gacha _Lover YouTube

      You know it would have been better if you made them anime characters honestly

    7. Anberlin Raso

      If the live event is like this I will Drown in tears 😂 😂😂

    8. Derrick Pizza mo rell


    9. Patrick Star

      This is like ispuddy why tho you trying to copie them or are you guys working with ispuddy

    10. Mungai karori

      Leakalo say we might lose to galactus

    11. Kuro Kuro

      Wat the hell

    12. Ethan Chan

      The f is this

    13. Paul Landshof

      When you hear a character say Rachel5: “oh I haven’t heard that name in A long time”

    14. Mikey Ruiz

      This was so funny

    15. Tristan cisneros

      What the hell is going at the end

    16. Elyjah Dalton

      Never mind

    17. Elyjah Dalton

      Oh it was a plan from deadpool of course

    18. Elyjah Dalton

      This is the worse vid they made im sorry but this is babyish to

    19. Foxy


    20. scorefor1

      3:35 is this fortnight ro memes?

    21. Wylene Dixon

      Always marvel heroes that door but we are going to defeat Galactica always marvel heroes that door but we are going to have the feet galactic

    22. Terra Burnham

      Okay the little video Deadpool put on i hated it it was just so weird and it was kinda funny i don't even know what i was whatching but it was kinda good for the Galactus part but it was so weird still and go Iron man for standing up to him I hate Deadpool he is not really my favorite anymore my most fav is Skye and she is staying my fav

    23. Kennedys Creations Reinhart



      So so funny and great

    25. Bo Hawk


      1. Bo Hawk

        . Sore

    26. Laura Kelly

      5:36 the funniest part

    27. Selvin hola


    28. Lauchlan Aird

      4:33 funniest thing in this vid

    29. Calle XD

      OKAY but why does midas and jules sound depressed 🤣🤣

    30. lama dog

      rip bob

    31. bailey

      if this not what happens in the live event I’m suing epic

    32. Realistic.person

      New idea : If ur making newscapepro 6 make it a among us channel ( not fortnite among us )

    33. Romeo's Multiverse

      Totally a deep fake

    34. Aliberk Dky

      I know this is meant for 6 year olds but WTF?

    35. aiden perricone

      I'm dieing what is this

    36. Amanda Harris

      Wtf is this

    37. Fox Boy

      I’m a bit late but this is very funny

    38. Memes and games Everything

      Wait, how could you get shadow midas?

    39. For the win Fightover

      Rachel 5 😲 don't get me started

    40. Dead Cowboy

      Why can chaos agent just die

    41. harrell johns

      sans asmrsleep yungbratz syndicate offtopic

    42. Amaar Mustafa


    43. Deck of Cards


    44. kishon bowen

      what is newscapro coming to

    45. The Destructor

      Maxum efet

    46. Fortnite Trailers




    48. Samuel Varron

      I knew deadpool was making this vid lol

    49. legendary yt

      Wooow this is soooo good for that you cant be glatus skin

    50. Kaos Animation and more

      Read your comments please

    51. CandieeLandz

      They bring Rachel 5 up time and time again, when will she return?

    52. Xcc Clan

      Only Ogs remember Rachel5

    53. Symphony By Umar


    54. Dudetapebox Gacha

      Oh my gosh this is the best episode yet 🤣🤣🤣

    55. ꧁ シ B̶l̶i̶t̶z̶W̶i̶n̶g̶ シ ꧂

      I love how Galactus is cooking up earth rn, must be tasty.

    56. Bryan Pin

      Ima unlike this is weird 😰

    57. Miéchelle Venegas

      I am a big fan of you

    58. Miéchelle Venegas


    59. Cooldude 11


    60. Blue Bird


    61. Captain of Smartness

      This,this is perfect the most perfect video of all time in the universe

    62. Finn Mcclone

      This would be SOO FUNNY if that really happened

    63. Kral Kralj

      Its's not about Galactus, nut, it is such a cool!

    64. Everett Brookhart

      Have no fear,Deadpool is here:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👍

    65. Flar E

      We just got rick rolled

    66. Fran Pimentel

      What is happening, this turned from a story to a meme compilation

    67. Awesome Possum

      what the-

    68. Fishyboi ·

      Lol wtf is going on 😂

    69. Pro Gemer


    70. Fanta burken 08

      Have no fear deadpool is here. You stole that from skurd

      1. UnusualCharacters

        It's a clear reference to Underdog, actually. Whoever "skurd" is knows that too lol

    71. Oppie

      DEAR GOD I HOPE THIS IS MEANT TO BE A SATIRE but holy crap this is hilarious to watch (how did newskape convince the voice actors to do this)

    72. Real Fjaps

      What the heck is this???? I’m dying of laughter😂😂😂😂

    73. The Real Deadpool

      So what is getting cook our world

    74. Zane Singh

      when the editor is drunk

    75. universe dragon5179


    76. shootergod


    77. Skyler Wone

      wtf just happend

    78. bree137

      So funny I'm dying right now 12:35

    79. Battle for 1m Show

      I love how they used images of the characters For half the characters

    80. Quest plays

      Love this video

    81. rue duck

      WTF is this

    82. g5c43h

      4:49 i think that this was supossed to be on iSPuddy channel

      1. Frankie 715


    83. Nemsis Primal

      Galactus vs unicron

    84. Michael Rean


    85. NRG FaDe

      Could've done more better than this 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Leslie Gonzalez

        Shut up best vid ever

    86. NRG FaDe

      This episode is such a meme😂

    87. SwapFN

      Everyone: THE EDITS OF DEADPOOL Me: LLAMA! 🤩

    88. poof

      wtf is this 😂

    89. qt_mxdas _

      The best short by far 😂

    90. Francisco Morales

      This video was epic!!!!👍🏾🔥🤯❤️

    91. Daniel Mata

      she probable fine hello can somebody hear me me lmao

    92. Daniel Mata

      this was one of the best vid yet it was funny confusing and differently looked like dead pool would make it lmao

    93. Cuan Saayman

      How bad is your aim if you bullets track the person that you are shooting at yet you still miss

    94. Luka Bebey

      What IS this it weird

    95. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    96. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Deadpool

    97. Jermaine Ryne

      this is the funniest thing i had seen in fortnite

    98. Galaxy ikonik

      Mewoscles: then he’s going to eat me OoH My GoD

    99. Galaxy ikonik

      Thor: wut da crap is this what are you doing on asguard you big goof? Me what the actual f is going on?

    100. Demi

      The silly characters fighting Galactus are so pethetic