KIT FALLS IN LOVE?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit is adapting to his new home at the Fortilla, after Jules dropped him off in order to protect him from the Authority, Kit has made friends with Ocean, and together they train to make him big and strong like his Dad, Meowscles. However, during one of their sessions, Kit lays eyes on the most beautiful cat he’s ever seen: Rox’s pet Kyo. After some awkward interactions, including a Loserfruit stream gone wrong, Kit finally gets to go on a date with Kyo! Could this be true love?
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Neo Williamson

      I like that marshmallow cameo

    2. Brantley Madden

      Wow that video was good

    3. Xan Hug

      Who sees the treasure chest in the background 3:02

    4. the Phoenix that never gives up

      Me when I see a chest in a newscapepro video 500 IQ

    5. JakeP_Savage

      7:10 AWWWWWWWWW UwU

    6. Honey Bunnie

      No hate. But kit is a female

    7. Jason Roberts

      I love your vodeos

    8. Njmel

      I do hate shadow

    9. Abraham Quintero

      I don't ship this :(

    10. LukasPukas - The MINECRAFT Gamer

      How to love: Step 1: Say hi Step 2: Give A Rusty Can And Run away

    11. CrazyGamerCam YT

      Awesome video... Love ur videos

    12. Spoof Idk

      0:00 thats what she said

    13. Mystique The Gamer

      I 👍 this video

    14. Ryan Pester


    15. K a t

      Listen to this with you’re eyes closed -> 0:52

    16. Chaliesa Warren

      What do you mean

    17. Joebot2011

      No offense but I have a question are you copying seasons or seasons 2

      1. Joebot2011

        No cause seasons already made a kit falls in love

    18. Spider Stein

      So cute

    19. Creepy Granney

      Who else is watching this and laying in bed

      1. Creepy Granney


    20. Panda/PanPan

      *meowscles has left the chat*

    21. Adam Gill

      4:00 how dare you 😡

    22. Shadow Kid

      Rox you are loserfruite🤦

    23. Israel Cristo


    24. puryui

      Can you make a video right now

    25. Hazel Smith

      1:50 kit swore 🤑🙈

      1. Panda/PanPan

        *do **1:49*

    26. The KevSquad

      Dis is won of my favorite episodes

    27. Elyn Hope

      Uuuuhhh hi thats what i do

    28. Victor Lopez


    29. Jean Gayle

      kit took it to far at the start me falls of couch of laughter

    30. Leentjie Berg

      OMG there sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

    31. Xx_Zyrø

      Kit the French kit

    32. Foxtrot 3-2

      Kit:who is that Me:SIMP,SIMP POLICE Every pewds within a 100000 miles radius:SIMP

    33. Renato López Noronha


    34. Cheri Miakisz

      4:33 it sounded like kyo said ohh kit :D

    35. Pudidi


    36. makret kotbar

      Why is her name kyo MY DOG NAME US KYO

    37. Zuma Tube

      You are a girl

    38. Clare venice *San Pedro *

      Aww 💜💜

    39. Guff

      Kit be like: I work harrrrd every dayayayaaay

    40. preettyyy c

      i know im not the only person who wanted to open the chest

    41. let's go turbo Beyblade


    42. Charlotte O'Neill


    43. Charlotte O'Neill


      1. meme god


      2. Charlotte O'Neill


      3. Charlotte O'Neill

        Hi 👋

      4. Charlotte O'Neill

        Love it 😍

    44. Sinc

      Kit: listening to heavy metal Me: watching him Mum: turn it dowwwwn

    45. Aisha

      kit and clyo

    46. Aisha

      so cute

    47. Collette Johnson

      I have watched some of these

    48. Frosted Dripsy


    49. Mireya Lagunas


    50. Mireya Lagunas

      i love this chan el😁

    51. Lu Ann Jacobsen

      Yes kit I love kit😍💖❤💚💜💙💛

    52. spexs 2

      Comedy gold

    53. Jim Robertson


    54. Kids Griffin

      Rox skin wad made in season 9

    55. Poop Head


    56. Lord Thalleous

      9:19 Me: DONT YOU KNOW WHAT IS LOOKING!!!???

    57. Drop em off Blu

      Here’s my epic LLDEOLL_BLU42

    58. S t r e e t z s i z z l a

      Loser fruit:👁👄👁 your me.rox:UGH SHE TOTTALLY COPIED MY CLOTHES STYLE but there is no way she has my dance tututuHahtutuuhuhoo~ loser fruit:those dance

    59. Foxeh

      Me after killing the entire population of monsters: 4:30

    60. Marquell Carter

      giev me a shout plsese give me one

    61. Asher 2k Plays

      Asher0897 is my username

    62. Rumblefn1

      who thinks kits voice sound like mccreamy?

    63. Luke Toy City

      wait, if skye and rox were dating and meowcles is skye's sister doen't that mean kit and kyo are siblin... why did i have to figure out the truth

    64. Mikethabandicoot


    65. Cheri Miakisz

      best gift EVER! a rusty can

    66. helli arash


    67. Joseph Brown

      The kissing starts at 6:49

    68. Deonte Graham

      I have my suspicions that this led to Kit eating his subscription to Newscapepro

    69. Russell Tringham

      This is really funny because kit has a crush I love your videos kit is my favourite character in fortnite

    70. Mehrdad Toghi

      Lol the date was under a minute

    71. Ashton Gillon

      I now I like new scape pro

    72. aretupe Marurai

      do so wee no wich wans next

    73. Austin Winkler

      OMG I LOVE KIT!!!!!!!!!

    74. Shsl Disappointment

      Ha ha

    75. Sahalie Michie

      Instead of a rusty can kit should have dropped one of those jewels in the shape of a llama

    76. Nick Christmastree

      kits cute but a little too cute for go cat go and for dates

    77. Nick Christmastree

      hey! if kit lands on its feet and the robot does that means the robot is kit

    78. Nick Christmastree

      he's cute but who talks the robot or kit :o or is kit the robot

    79. Amy Ford

      I have Rox s dance glitter my little sister loves ocean and I did the dance and she calls it magic She said see I have magic u see 🤣😅😂 So it’s called magic 🤣

    80. Julian Demott

      can you get ,me black adame pleas my name is mygame205

    81. Sarah Chekkori

      🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👍👍👍 sooooooooooo god

    82. Tiny Toe

      this was very heartfelt... SIKE trololoooooololo

    83. Topster

      i wanna die how did this get 2 million views.

    84. Germel Orellano

      Im sure rox is based off loserfruit but loser fruit had actually has a skin that looks more like kathleen irl

    85. Nico

      “Kit seems like a fine young man to me” He’s a cat not a human

    86. Hackerstarcat

      Who are these voice actors?

    87. grace cash gaming


    88. grace cash gaming

      Well I got boyfriend but I cheated on

    89. Angel GR

      If this is kit falling in love why do I feel a woozy inside 🥴

    90. Tex

      What do I have to subscribe

    91. Og Fortnite

      Awwwwww kits so cute

    92. Marvin Clinton

      My girlfriend said we’re broken but we’re still together

    93. qqBoogyManpp

      That expensive cat backblig would’ve have been cool as well

    94. Jess

      Kit kit kit kit kit kit wooooooooooooo yay kit

    95. RustyCog

      I love this series

    96. Zak Maggs

      I thought that robot was with ocean

    97. Mohfuja Khatun


    98. -*Red 777*-

      Ocean best fortnite stepmom- 👍😂

    99. Shawn Rain

      Is that a chest Editor take out that next next time